DIY Cashmere leggings

Little warm legs

In a few weeks we are flying to Germany to be with family and friends during the holidays. Since we live in a tropical climate all year around, the number of warm items in Mila’s closet are all countable on one hand. Thankfully we have dear friends with kids with similar ages, but they are all boys. So usually Mila turns into a full on tomboy in Germany. 

Over the last few weeks adorable kids brands sending out their newsletters featuring their Fall/ Winter collections. I am loving the elegant coats (a favorite is this or this one) I am seeing, the tall knee socks, hoodies and hand knitted jumpers (these or these). I, myself love anything soft and warm on my skin during the cold months and cashmere is one of those favorite materials of mine. So when I discovered cashmere leggings for kids here and here I was hooked. I wanted Mila to feel this warm too but didn’t wanna buy a piece of clothing which she couldn’t wear for more than 2 weeks. So I had a look into our storage containers and found an old cashmere sweater with stains on the front. Drew had one he didn’t like anymore. So, we turned them both into 2 new tights/ leggings for Mila by using the sleeves of the sweaters and sewing them together. I found these detailed instructions online, in case you want to do a similar project to keep your little ones warm this winter. We had extra fabric and also made little leg warmers. All with the help of a local tailor. Have you upcycled cloths for your kids?