LITTLE WINNIE – a small but very special collection of kids sleepwear

Classic. Comfy. Conscious.

One of my favorite things is to watch Mila fall asleep and looking at her peaceful facial features. When you see this, everything around you quiets down and all seems good in the world - for those few moments. And if a cute PJ or nightgown is involved, its an extra sweet bonus.

So, I am always on the lookout for pretty sleepwear. One of those brands is Little Winnie from Australia. They do not only produce gorgeous sleepwear for kids but it’s also all organic and made with hand spun and hand woven fabrics. Not easy to find little details like that in the world these days. To top things off, they barely use electricity for their production. So besides the ethical & conscious production philosophy, I love the comfort & style of their pieces. The lovely family behind this small brand just welcomed their 4th daughter into the world. How fabulous is that (having 3 sisters myself...). What are your favorite sleepwear brands for kids?

You can visit their online shop here.