Oekaki House Drawing Board by gg*

Simple + Engaging

Kukkia is a fabulous toy brand from Japan, producing rather classic type of toys and adding a modern twist and typical Japanese aesthetic design details. They produce two current ranges/ brands: gg* and kiko+. In the past I have also written about their “Machi Toy Car Play Set” by kiko+. Anyways, the purpose of today’s blog is to take a closer look at their beautiful Oekaki House. It’s a drawing board in the shape of a house (Oekaki means “drawing board” in Japanese) that we have had now for over a year and I noticed that Mila keeps picking it up several times a week. It’s a full hit with her.  She draws with the magnetic pen on the board, but also creates shapes and forms with the provided circle, square and triangle shaped wooden magnets. The board has a 4 colored background and provides endless drawing and erasing options to enhance drawing skills and imagination.

Our favorite part of the Oekaki house is the dog whose job is to erase any drawings and to make space for new ideas by simply sliding it from side to side. The house is really well made (beech wood) and it has been a great travel companion for Mila when we are on the road, driving 4 long hours to our beach house.

A few months ago we lost the pen. It was just gone and couldn’t be found anywhere. I contacted Kukkia in Japan and asked where I could possible buy a replacement pen (after searching the Internet unsuccessfully). Their team responded right away and was so kind and sent a replacement pen, for free! So customer service is top too!

I remember the house came packed in a super cute eco-type of bag with a bead detail, which you can re-use for other purposes.