Visually. Beautifully, Simply. Vibrantly.

In Germany we have a saying, which goes along the lines “eat with your eyes” and Erin Gleeson’s cookbook and her amazing artistic illustrations are a perfect proof for it. She has an incredible talent to arrange food in a way that it looks like a painted still life turned into easy to understand and execute recipes.  She lives in a cabin in the woods of Nothern California (after many years in New York City), which is just a plain beautiful setting for her photography. Watercolor illustrations and handwriting are frequently added to her recipes. I originally fell in love with her when I discovered this recipe (which is great with cherries too by the way). So, if you love delicious, quick meals (and who doesn't?), then check out this little video to get a feel for Erin's work & cookbook full of fresh, wholesome, and tasty recipes your kids will love too.

Her cookbook is my go-to-book when looking for great finger food, eye catching bites for parties and when we have company over but also great treats for Mila. If you have kids age 4 or older, this book is probably great to have your kids pick a recipe and follow the very visual instructions almost on their own with little help here and there. Her recipes are sooo easy, well illustrated, quick and straightforward. Most of them have only a few ingredients (3-4) and require only a few steps and are great for anyone who believes he/she does not belong in the kitchen. All recipes are vegetarian, which I welcome so much (although we do eat (and love) fish, we usually have no meat at the house), and most recipes can be made gluten-free or vegan. I usually like to replace cows milk products with goat milk cheese, cashew cream (so easy to make in 2 min.) or almond milk. I swear her crispy carrots will turn any kids into carrot lovers. Erin has a lot of great recipes to make kids eat and love their vegetables. She has a little baby herself so maybe we can just hope she will launch a kids cookbook someday soon.

If you have a CSA subscription this is your cookbook to try easy to make recipes with familiar and less familiar goodies you have in your next basket! And Erin shares my love for Maldon sea salt.

Available at your local bookstore or on Amazon US or Germany (written in German!).

All photos by Erin Gleeson.