UNDER THE OCEAN | Pop-up book by Anouck Boisrobert and Louis Rigaud

The journey of the sailboat Oceano on an expedition around the world

My husband grew up in New England, right on the water and I don’t think he could ever live without being close to an ocean. It’s an essential part of his life. Fishing, spear fishing, boating, diving, you name it. So when I discovered this pop-up book I didn’t think twice. Plus it is in English, so it makes a perfect book for him to read to Mila. Since he only speaks to her in English, and I only speak to her in German – most of our books (besides the plain picture books) are divided into “Papa” and “Mama” books.

The format differs from the usual books, which makes it a bit more unique than others and it nicely stands out on Mila's book shelf. I particularly like the right mix of bold and pastel colors. And Mila is intrigued by the pop-up details of the book. As a reader you follow along a red sail boat on an adventure around the world and get to see the “usual” visible life above the ocean such as boats, commercial fishery boats, fins of fish sticking out, ice and islands. But you don’t only get to see the scenes above water, you also get to explore what’s happening underneath the water. Where the real surprises are laying. The stuff you would usually only see if you dive. Really deep. It is just such a great tool to show and explain the rich life under the ocean, in a more 3D way of art. The authors Anouck Boisrobert and Louis Rigaud take the readers with beautiful text, some rhymes here and there, to different climate and weather zones as well. It has so many little hidden details, it really is a little gem which doesn’t get boring.

Spectacular book, beautiful to look at and marvelous to learn at the same time. Available at your local bookstore or at Amazon. Nice to know: This book is printed with soy ink from sustainable managed forest, just another reason to support efforts as such and help the environment.

Do you have a favorite pop-up book to read with your kids? Would love to know what you and your kids are picking up from the book shelf, over and over.