Artsy time capsule




When going through my childhood boxes in the cellar and finding my old art pieces I am so grateful to my mom to have kept at least a few of them. Now you have the opportunity to preserve your child’s art in a “time capsule like collage” – made by designer Jan Eleni. She is the women behind this beautiful idea, a self taught designer who started her own design business focused on innovation & décor of children’s rooms after working for ABC Carpet and Home and having her own small shop in downtown NYC. You might know the proud feeling when your child comes home with a beautiful drawing, but months and years go by and you might have collected a big pile of drawings and only a limited amount of wall space. So, an easier way of displaying them is by making a personal collection of your kids art – with Jan Elenis help. Send your child’s’ masterpieces her way and – after a careful review - she will create a modern grid of their work that looks great in any room. To commission a collage piece from Jan Eleni comes with a price tag. Its not cheap, starting @ $950. If this is not an option, you can also get your own hands “dirty”, grab a scanner and start your collage.

My daughter is not quiet there yet and need a few more years to collect enough art to create such a unique piece but I can’t wait to hang it up one day.

Ready to turn your kids masterpieces into a time capsule like collage? Contact the designer.