October is breast cancer awareness month

Create a BreastMob

Breastfeeding is a very sensitive subject and all moms have been “confronted” with it. The benefits, the struggles (my first weeks of breast feeding were intense to say the least), the different views on formula, the perception of society (very different from country to country, culture to culture), work circumstances and so on. But today let’s focus on the health benefits. The health benefits for the moms.

My dear friend Paola has a 3 months old daughter and is a great believer in breastfeeding and is lucky to be able to give this to her daughter. Due to family history and her education on breastfeeding she wanted to share her knowledge by creating awareness of the relation between breastfeeding and breast cancer.  She took a new approach to the Flash Mob concept that she calls “Breast Mob”!

It is proven (read more here and here) that breastfeeding lowers the risk of breast cancer. And to raise awareness of this fact, she created a fabulous event in just a few days time in a local shopping mall here in Panama. Via social media and WhatsApp she organized moms, to show up with their babies at a certain time, and to sit in the shape of the pink (all wearing pink clothes) breast cancer ribbon while nursing their babies. It was a genius and inspirational idea, which can be done around the globe. Women coming together to normalize breastfeeding and talk about all the benefits. If you want to do this awesome event in your country, just write to: breastmob @ gmail.com and create your own BreastMob. My friend has a great media kit ready to be sent to you.

Check out their video, more photos and news @breastmob and spread the message via #AmamatarTeProtege (breastfeed to protect yourself).

All photos courtesy of @BreastMob and @pawichiz.