Handcrafted artisian sandals




We recently travelled to Mallorca, the biggest of the Balearic Islands in Spain and I knew I can’t leave the island without some Avarca sandals. Avarca sandals are from the neighboring island, Menorca, where they started making them over a hundred years ago. Those sandals are packed with tradition and are also super comfortable, durable and stylish. Their roots are in the countryside where it is hot and dry during the summertime and farmers used them while working their land. They were made with leather (still to this day) and recycled tires where used as soles to keep the farmers feet cool - handcrafted from top quality according to traditional methods. Nowadays they are mostly made with flexible rubber mold soles as it is much lighter in weight. But to this day they have the same characteristics as a century ago, just now reinvented with colors ranging from traditional black & brown to bright colors and even metallic finishes.

We discovered a tiny store up a windy street off one of the main shopping avenues and as inconspicuous as it looks from the outside, the inside is packed with hundreds of shoes for women, kids and even for men. Of course the kids Avarcas are so adorable, they are just a tiny copy of the adult one. Too many colors to chose from. Once you put them on, they will quickly become a go to shoe in your daily life. They can even withstand the rain. I wanted a pair of gold Avarcas for my daughter and myself but her size was sold out so she got a more traditional color – brown.

So how do you get one of those eco-friendly slip on sandals without traveling to an island in the Mediterranean? It’s easy and you even have options as most of the following online retailers ship around the globe:

Online Shops for Avarcas: