Waterfall adventure with kids

No age restrictions

Yesterday we went on a tour with a guide to show us the waterfalls we have heard so much about since we got our little beach place a year ago. But we were told that It’s almost impossible to find, so we finally made the move and booked a guide.

It’s not a sort of around the corner location but a great day trip if you include a picnic. So yesterday morning we prepared the food, packed towels, hats and a camera and hopped in the car.  We met the guide half way and made our way through the most beautiful untouched landscape in the middle of the Azuero peninsula of Panama. Lush green covered mountains with flat lands and intense tropical vegetation. We passed many herds of cattle with he most beautiful patterns of fur.

Our first location we parked the 4x4’s and hiked down along the river till we got to a few river pools. Perfect spot for kids too. Below us was the waterfall, it was so loud you could barely keep up a conversation. Our friends were reminded of a landscape they have seen in the Alps, my husband was reminded of a hiking spot in New Hampshire. Just with lush tropical trees and plants around us. When you looked up the trees you could see most branches were full of beautiful airplants. Just too high for me too reach and to take some home, unfortunately. Just great to chill and take in the landscape. The guys went for some crazy tall jumps into the river as well. We had a picnic and never saw one soul. Pure peace. That’s the beauty of this country – Panama is still very undiscovered in most parts.

The next spot also was a real adventure to get too, as we passed the river bed by car, literally drove through the river, making waves and the kids were screaming of excitement. I was a bit worried but it worked out smoothly. Once we got to the final spot we all felt like we were in Jurassic Park. Simply incredible. Impressive really. We hiked further along the river through a forest when all the sudden the loudest noise appeared above us. I first thought of bears but quickly realized I am in Panama, there are no bears. We looked up and discovered a big family of howler monkeys. Including babies and all. They made their way through the forest and we noticed they all used the same route and branches to jump to the next tree. The river was enclosed by tall, mostly smooth, solid granite cliffs. Hanging bamboo growing down along the surfaces along with incredible vines. The gorge going further into land, becoming greener and more mysterious. The kids had an incredible day with lots of adventure, new experiences and discoveries ranging from new plants, insects (the guys got some painful bites from little mean wasps we have never seen before) and animals. Adventure is for all kids, even the babies. The locals at the second spot had several babies with them. Our kids were pushed out of their comfort zones and were so happy to do so. It was a beautiful day we will repeat in the future.

Thank you Panama for your beauty and endless surprises.