Sensory play without the mess, sometimes it's just needed

Kids feeling the paint between their fingers and experimenting with it is important. But sometimes, you just need a break from the mess painting can make at home. I think I first discovered this neat mess-free paint idea on Pinterest.

Now, we are with my cousin and her kids in Pedasi at the beach house, and her son can’t go in the water for a couple of days, so we decided painting would be a great alternative to keep them busy (although he opted out at the last minute – the girls were happy to do so alone).

What You’ll Need
Painter’s tape
White paper
Closable plastic bag
Finger paint/ liquid paint

Pick a sturdy table, lay the white paper down on the table (unless your table is already white), fill the plastic bag with paint, seal well and try your best to get all the air out. Then lay on table and tape paper and plastic bag to table. And go! Endless possibilities. Find some props such as stones and sticks with soft edges to make some patterns. Or just use your fingers, make handprints and keep drawing. Keep bags taped on table for a few days, as it invites kids to come back to it and make new art and patterns. You can also easily store bags for a rainy afternoon in the cabinets.