The LAMZAC Hangout Bag

A new pop-up sofa you can take anywhere with you

This new comfy pop-up sofa fills with air within seconds using a unique filling technique (see the video below for a quick demonstration). It’s lightweight and the high quality nylon ripstop makes it a strong and durable fabric. LamZac in Dutch, where the product was invented by Marijn Oomen, means lazy person or lazy inactive bag! Can’t you see yourself chilling on it with your kids during picnics, beach visits, concerts or just in the backyard?

God to know: It comes in 7 colors, can hold up to 200kg (440l bs) and weighs just over 1 kg.  The only tricky part so far: You have to wait till May to get yourself this new Hangout buddy – as it won’t be available before.

Lamzac Hangout demonstratie