Babaa x Bobo Choses

Two favorite brands combined

Today it’s all about Spain and the amazing design and quality, which certain brands stand for coming from Spain.

Babaa and Bobo Choses partnered up and created this super fun and colorful seamless jumper/ tee. It’s a classic shape from Babaa mixed with Bobo’s Pollack print. It just looks so cozy and light at the same time.

Bobo is a brand that tells a story like a children’s book with the launch of each new collection. Babaa stands for high quality, hardly processed materials and a close collaboration with Spanish artisans. Both brands care deeply what they produce and how they produce it and both support Spanish craftsmanship and cherish local partnerships. All aspects we love and value so much.

The 100% organic knitted tee is available on the Babaa website as well as the Bobo Choses Onlineshop. Its available for kids AND mommas too! FYI: There will be more products from this love story partnership launching next month.