Macarons – Tradition meets clever innovation, paired with design




Today I would like to introduce you to a true family business where you can actually feel the passion & love for design and detail, which goes into each creation. And you can truly feel how much the family behind the brand macarons cares. Not only do they use organic and fair-trade materials, no they even develop all garments and materials themselves. Macarons stands for traditional craftsmanship and conscious manufacturing. Old school with modern, innovative and beautiful designs.

On my last trip home to Germany I went through the basement of my dads house. I found many cherished items and products from my childhood, from toys over decoration pieces to cloths. I realized that the real craftsmanship stuff my parents bought over thirty years ago are still in wonderful & great if not even perfect conditions. They survived my sister, my 2 half sisters and now are being passed on to our daughter. How wonderful is this? I knew it before that quality pays off but now I am actually seeing & living it and it gives it a whole new meaning.

To be clear this is not always the option for everyone, either due to financial, storage and/ or lifestyle (lots of moving) limitations but try it. If you see one of those piece you believe have generations-long-lasting-impact and survival qualities wait for it till you can afford it. Skip the few smaller other purchases you would have done over the next few weeks instead…

As quality has its price tag, nonetheless you can now take advantage of Macarons’ current sale. And if you wanna have one piece you hand down generations this is one of those brands.