Montessori for toddlers @ home


Over the last few months I have been searching the web for more Montessori activities we can do at home. I came across this website,  which provides an enormous amount of great materials, downloadable right from your computer. There are also some bundle packages (sorted by art, geography, math, sensory play, language and toddler (and many many more). There are even some free ones.  I picked a few to start with, printed the pages and got them laminated in a local shop so they can last a bit longer and withstand Mila’s rough hands and treatments.

Mila LOVES to sort all kind of things around the house so it comes to no surprise that one of her favorite “materials” I printed from the website is the sorting game SMALL-MEDIUM-LARGE. She asks me to play it with her several times a week (as you can see the heavy usage in various bent corners etc).

It’s a great game while learning the concept of sorting and order. It teaches the child to see differences in sizes of objects or to recognize the same or similar sizes. Kids learn playfully some logic and reasoning skills all while having fun and also picking up new vocabulary.