“How does my garden grow” by Gerda Muller

One year in grandpa’s garden

A beautiful book for littler gardeners and those who wanna be one – soon. A lovely introduction to the wonders of a garden and for kids to understand where our food comes from. My grandma, Mila’s great grandma picked this book for her as a Christmas gift and it is a big hit with Mila.

The story of “How does my garden grow” is about a little girl who only knows veggies & co from the supermarket. But this year she is spending a lot of time at her grandparents’ farm where they grow lots of different veggies and herbs. Sophie learns what is all involved in getting a garden ready for the seasons, from planting the seeds, watering and mulching, to the different gardening tools and why bees are so essential and what insects do all day in the garden. The book starts with a sweet overview of the different veggie families and which veggie belongs to which family and who is related. Even a parent can learn a thing or two. The illustrations are beautiful and very appealing to children and lead them through the four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter.

Come and learn with Sophie what her grandfather shows and teaches her all year long. The book also includes a few easy recipes for kids. Mila is probably on the young side of a reader but it is still capturing for her. The older the kid (5-10 years I would say is the best fit) the more they can actually learn and apply themselves in their garden or even just on a small balcony. Spring is coming, time to get a little garden ready.

Available at your local bookstore or on Amazon. We have the German version of the book (originally published in French) as you might have noticed in the photos above.