BIOBLO – A new sustainable building block

One type of block, but endless possibilities to place it


This year for Christmas, the first real one for Mila yet to kind of understand what is happening, was a special one. For the first time in history all my 3 sisters were together for Christmas Eve, the main holiday celebrated in Germany. Due to the patchwork family situation we have, that never happened before. My oldest sister picked out a wonderful gift for Mila: The Bioblo building blocks.

It’s a new product from Austria. And very different from most of the buildings blocks you have seen on the market. Because Bioblos are not (mainly) made of wood (as the traditional building blocks) but rather of a special organic, 100% renewable raw material which gives them unique optical and mechanical properties. The design reminds of honeycombs, which makes them extremely light but extremely durable & sturdy at the same time. This also opens up other possibilities unlike the traditional wooden ones. For example you can back light the stones and create lighting games etc. Combine them with other toys and build a farm fence, obstacles for the next horse tournament or a racing track.

You put the Bioblos on top, next or behind each other. Place them on the floor, learn them against each other. Pile them up or just balance them out. Kids can practice counting, color sorting, math exercises and even learn geometric and physical concepts. If you speak German the company put together a great PDF with lots of play & learn ideas for kids to play alone or in groups and gives detailed instructions for easy following. Mila and I have not tried it but supposingly you can even use the stones for blowing bubbles.

Good to know: Bioblo won the Green Product Award 2015, is 100% recyclable, CO₂-neutral and even washable with soap. They are also available in black, white, brown and beige. I should also mentioned there was a confusion with the shipping address and my sister got first class customer service and the team from Bioblo really went out of their way to ensure Mila’s gift will arrive in time for the big day.

Build something. Today!