Play & Learn



Why not combine playing & learning? Check out these wonderful world maps for the little people to explore the big wide world. We personally have the felt map at home, which comes with a ton of felt animals, landmarks and vehicles for kids to place on the right countries & continents. They are beautifully embroidered and have lots of colors, which each kid loves.

But I also really like this magnetic one from Janod [ France ]. Its basically a huge magnetized atlas wall decal that comes with over 100 magnetic characters and iconic buildings. They are beautifully illustrated.

The other fun way to get the world into your home is a puzzle by Londji [ Spain ], which mixes vintage and modern styles in a very unique way. And it comes with a surprise: the globe part of the puzzle can be separated from the rest and is reversible! If we are in Rio de Janeiro we can assemble it from one side, and when in Barcelona from the other! Cute illustrated video to check out!

Encourage kids to understand the world and learn about animals, you can shop them online – Felt map, magnetic map & puzzle. FAO Schwarz has a similar one to the felt map but a bit smaller and cheaper.

Just love the versatility of each of those maps: decorative for any bedroom (well, if you have some wall space to spare), at the same time it is also an educational toy for learning & exploring the world and basically an arena to create kids own imaginative large board game with no rules.

Getting cozy...


Recently I have had Teepees on my mind - a lot. When I was a child one of my favorite things to do was building forts, new homes & tents. Lots of blankets, scarves & pillows were involved. Only for the sole purpose of decorating the inside (did that for hours) and getting cozy. Now, that our daughter is in that age to appreciate it I started a little online search to hunt down the most beautiful teepee, which is out there. I found many I liked but this one takes the cake.

Love everything about this scene and how the items work together. From the feather detail & knot at the top, the openness, layers and mixes of fabrics & pillows. How cute are those poofs?

It could be a great DIY project over the holidays or you can just visit Bodie and Fou and click “add to bag”. It’s worth checking out their page as they have fabulous home décor stuff for little & big ones. And a good eye.

Fast Table Chair




If a new mom would ask me what’s one essential item to get for the new baby this fast table chair would be high on the list. It basically travels with us everywhere – from just the pizza place around the corner, friends houses to weekend trips and it has even been on all of our Europe trips. This little guy is practically family. What I love so much about it: You get somewhere, attach it in a few moments to almost any table and the little ones get to sit with the big ones, same table & height. It collapses, folds flat and is easy to carry. I especially like to have my own chair rather than the restaurant ones, who knows when they have been cleaned last right? And at home I use it all the times for breakfasts at the kitchen bar rather than the high chair at the dining table. Or my daughter can watch & play while cooking a meal.

SIMPLE. EASY. ROCK SOLID. PORTABLE. And the design is minimalistic too. No fuzz, just form & function. Most of the hardware is UNDER the counter instead of above, so there's nothing sticking out. It has a pocket in the back for handy storage such a bib.

Its lightweight but if you are traveling long haul, every kilo/ pound counts right? So, we always managed to put it inside the car seat we travel with and wrap both in a big plastic bag before check in. Works like a charm.

Oh, and if you have a little accident and food is all over the place – just a quick wipe usually does the job. With tougher stains, just take the cover off and throw in washing machine.

See all colors of Inglesina fast tables @ Amazon!

Always remember to buckle the little ones in!

Animal Hooks




Ever since we got Sharon Montrose animal photography hung up above our daughters bed there is a new bedtime ritual saying goodbye to each and every one of them. She adores animals. So that’s why I fell in love with these little guys and who can’t use hooks, right? Ferm Living is behind those adorable hooks. Ferm is Danish and means "clever." Their kids & home decor collection is clever in both form and function. Those hooks come in 4 different animal faces: Panda Hook, Rabbit Hook, Dog Hook and Sea Lion Hook. They are made of beech wood and hand painted.

Pay their website a visit as Ferm Living, has quiet some other goodies to decorate your little ones room with.* I can also imagine Mr. Snake here covering any draft coming in underneath a door. Or how adorable are those mini baskets or stuffed cushions to light up any doll corner. If your child is into arrows, Mayas & Incas: there are wall stickers, with matching wall flags, pillows & even wallpaper.

* If you are outside of Europe, visit Clever Spaces, as they are Ferm Living's official retail partner for the US and Canada.

Advents Calendar




Today in one week my daughter will open her first “door” of her new advents calendar. Of course, with 19 months she won’t be fully understanding the concept of this long tradition (at least in Germany, where I am from) but it will be exciting for her and set the start of a new tradition in her life. I do love advent calendars — it’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions and I can’t wait to share it with her.

So an advents calendar has 24 “doors/ pockets” and you start to open door 1 on December 1st and so on - such a fun run-up to Christmas. Each door hides a little present, treat or note. You don’t believe the excitement in kids eyes, every morning, every year again, to open the daily door and to find out which little present is waiting for them today.

On my recent trip to Germany I was lucky enough that retailers start early on with all things holiday related. In Germany, basically your parents keep refilling those calendars each year, till you move out. I know, what a treat, right? So I picked an advents calendar with this in mind, hoping it will last all those years to come. Ours is from Kaethe Kruse, a German toy manufacturer going back to 1911 following their principle “Only the hand can make what, through the hand, goes back to the heart.” This pretty much sums it up what the brand stands for and why I chose one of their calendars. Another great brand is Maileg.

If you are more the DIY person – check out those neat ideas:

ADVENT CALENDER TREE idea by a beautiful mess

ADVENT CALENDER TREE idea by a beautiful mess

ADVENT COLORS by you are my fave

ADVENT COLORS by you are my fave

Have you made an advent calender before?

TIED UP ADVENT CALENDER idea by a merry mishap

TIED UP ADVENT CALENDER idea by a merry mishap

ADVENT STAIRS by babyccino kids

ADVENT STAIRS by babyccino kids

Paperless Post

beautiful design meets seamless technology



The holidays are around the corner…. Time to get those holiday cards ready and off that ever growing to-do-list. Head over to Paperless Post for some serious beautiful design custom cards [ and invitations and stationary and … ]. And you have the choice: Send it ONLINE or on PAPER. I am more the online type (maybe due to the fact we live in Panama and there is no “real” postal service anywhere, let alone street addresses). But if you are more the paper type, they offer that too.

This hybrid online-offline stationery makes the ordering process easy & smooth. If you get stuck with your design, or wanna take it up a notch with custom monograms there is help – they have a personal design service team which will be in touch with you within 2 days.

To get inspired check out their online catalogue. Good to know… they collaborate with fashion and lifestyle designers, including Kate Spade, Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Adler & more.

Oh, and they have a sweet deal right now till November 21st with free ground shipping on holiday orders.